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Undernutrition and obesity coexist in many countries, and can even be seen side by side in the same household. In the past few decades, more powerful nations have used this as a foreign policy tool for dominance rather than for real aid. Trained Hunger Project partners implement income-generating activities: from sewing projects in Mexico to cow-fattening projects in Bangladesh. Yet these women are not treated the same as their male counterparts. This issue explores topics ranging from the global food crisis of , to issues of food aid, world hunger, food dumping and wasteful agriculture such as growing tobacco, sugar, beef, and more. Where is the disconnect? Proper nutrition reduces the likelihood of disease, poor health, and cognitive impairment. Hunger has been on the rise over the past three years, returning to levels from a decade ago.

The outlook has improved in southern Asia in recent years, but in western Asia hunger has been increasing. But deeper and more global causes of poverty are often less discussed. Through the LANN project, communities in countries like Sierra Leone are learning how to identify nutrient-rich wild foods that are safe to eat in order to make the most of their available resources.

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Call for action The report calls for implementing and scaling up interventions aimed at guaranteeing access to nutritious foods and breaking the intergenerational cycle of malnutrition. This buys short-term relief, but perpetuates a longer-term pattern of hunger and poverty that is often passed down from parents to children.

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Climate Increasingly, climate variability and extremes are becoming a key force behind world hunger. Trained Hunger Project partners implement income-generating activities: from sewing projects in Mexico to cow-fattening projects in Bangladesh. In order to thrive, humans need a range of foods providing a variety of essential health benefits.

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In turn, undernourishment makes it difficult for people to earn more money so that they can afford healthy food. Where is the disconnect? The unequal distribution of income and lack of resources in developing countries means that millions of people simply cannot afford the land or farming supplies they need to grow, or otherwise gain access to nutritious food. Links to web sites and articles that discuss world hunger, the relationship between populations and hunger, of poverty and hunger, agricultural issues, land rights and so on. And so while continuous effort, resources and energies are deployed to relieve hunger through these technical measures, the political causes require political solutions as well. Climate change continues to put pressure on these valuable resources, while ramping up the risks we face with natural disasters. As international food prices reached unprecedented levels, countries sought ways to insulate themselves from potential food shortages and price shocks. As can be seen from the above results of the MDGs, there was much progress in relation to food and hunger between and Temperature anomalies over agricultural cropping areas continued to be higher than the long-term mean throughout —, leading to more frequent spells of extreme heat in the last five years. Like all complex issues that impact us at a global level, the causes of world hunger are multifaceted. The result is crop failure which, combined with a soaring inflation rate that makes imported food unaffordable, has left 6 million people food-insecure. Its three main goals: the eradication of hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition; the elimination of poverty and the driving forward of economic and social progress for all; and, the sustainable management and utilization of natural resources, including land, water, air, climate and genetic resources for the benefit of present and future generations. Further, there is a risk of continuing the poverty and dependency without realizing it, because the act of attempting to provide more food etc can appear so altruistic in motive.

Sustainable Agriculture A profound shift of our global food production systems is needed if we are to nourish the million people who are hungry today. Many poor nations are dependent on farming, and so such food aid amounts to food dumping.

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This would mean nearly 3 million lives changed for the better.

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Why Is World Hunger Still a Problem?