The portrayal of women as strong and independent in video games

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female characters in video games

These measures are necessary to keep moving in a positive direction instead of becoming fixated on females who are objectified or only shown in minor roles. During her research she concluded that often men choose female avatars as female characters are "besieged with attention, sexual advances, and unrequested offers of assistance", essentially implying that there is a proportion of gamers that assume that women are incapable of solving tasks by themselves.

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Despite these eyebrow-raising activities, the Grand Theft Auto series is perpetually popular. You can make an avatar that you play as yourself". In , researchers publishing in The Psychological Record Vol. Nevertheless, as all other games at a time had male protagonists the audience assumed that the protagonist of Metroid was male as well. Or there are games absent from my collection like Metroid: Other M which takes Samus Aran, a woman character who had previously been either portrayed or implied as a strong, independent woman, and reduces her to a young girl who requires male approval or authority to take action. Krystal was Sabre's adopted sister. Greenfield, P. Mortal Kombat is not the only game franchise to do so. Though the games don't exist in the same universe, there are quite a few easter egg references to God of War within Heavenly Sword. Media Training North West.

The game space that focuses on the player's identity and communication aspect appeal to female audiences Jenkins, In any case, genetics is a tricky subject as it's hard in most cases to determine what is intrinsic vs what has been bred from years of cultural influence.

Those developers however started to face heavy criticism for lack of playable female characters. A writer for VG Brenna Hillier in her article "Deep Down the rabbit hole of ingrained games industry sexism" called Sugiura's reasons to exclude women from the game unsatisfactory.

While the studio, just like other video-game developing outlets, was mostly dominated by male staff, Roberta was titled as the Queen of Sierra as she was designing "King's Quest" - the company's most successful title at the time. The items vary from sunshades to purses, rendering Pauline useless and stereotypical.

She is also an independently existing character and not the family member of a main male character in the game. She stated on her Facebook that the abuser knows her home address and she had to stay at her friends for a few days, as she was scared for her life.

Studies have suggested these things are true, which is particularly worrisome considering the people who play Grand Theft Auto most often are young males. Gender Representation and its effect on the 16 audience. The producer of Deep Down, Kazunori Sugiura, said that the game would not have female characters because of its plot.

The male dominance of video game development is still in evidence today but trends do indicate a move towards a more gender-balanced industry.

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14 Big Problems With The Portrayal Of Females In Video Games