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The flea metaphysical poetry

Who would think that such a lowly parasite could become a star of the erotic stage? She's having none of this religious symbolism or hyperbole. The man admits she could be right That word maidenhead actually means hymen, so we can assume the woman is a virgin. Vanessa Pitones English Instructor Munoz 18 November Three essays, three different writers discussing the same subject, three points of view which one is the correct view? We give you all the tips for the perfect job application. The speaker's absurd argument continues on, as if he has dug himself in too deep of a hole to try climbing out now. As the woman raises her hand to kill the flea that is still sucking her flesh, the speaker begs her to hold off. Note how the last three rhyming lines of each stanza cleverly strengthen and clarify the points made in the previous six lines. Normally he'd have no problem with squashing the flea. Or is he? You spent hours editing your CV and cover letter to fit perfectly. He continuously compares the flea to their sexual union while simultaneously attempting to stop the woman from killing the flea. In the third stanza the speaker, aware that she has killed the flea, is close to admitting defeat.

Copy Citation Three Line 12 This flea is you and I Line 13 And the marriage bed, the marriage temple; Line 14 Even if parents grudge, and you, here we are, Line 15 Sheltered in the living body of the flea.

He even manages to turn the flea into a religious symbol, akin to the Holy Trinity, which also contains three spirits: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Accessed 04, The lines alternate, octosyllabic 8 syllables and decasyllabic 10 syllables resulting in tetrameter and pentameter respectively. Essay on Three Paintings by Michael Marino Paintings give us a feeling of despair, disgust, hope, rebellion, splendor, love and beauty among other emotions.

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By the end of the poem, the flea that had brought the two lovers together by blood has been killed, but the argument that it has inspired has been brought to its culmination. About the sucking of the flea: it's all quite natural a process, no sin or shame or loss of virginity involved.

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The Flea: Stanza 2 Summary