Trigonometry projects

Draw three right triangles and label the angle and two sides that apply to the sine, cosine and tangent functions respectively. Sine language — As an electronic musician Oli Freke has always been fascinated by sine waves, so much so that he's created a song based on them for the Geekpop festival, which is currently taking place on the Web.

Don't forget that our sister site NRICH has many hands-on problems, activities and articles on trigonometry. What is the Area of a Circle? These days they have a range of sophisticated imaging techniques at their disposal, saving you the risk and pain of an operation.

trigonometry project for class 10 pdf

It was Leonhard Euler who fully incorporated complex numbers into trigonometry. Natural frequencies and music — This article looks at vibrations that can be harnessed by musical instrument makers.

trigonometry project for class 10 pdf

With impatient queues looming over them they need to search x-ray scans of cluttered suitcases for several items at once: knives, guns and bombs.

Measuring a Tall Building Applied trigonometry means using the principles from the classroom to solve real-life problems.

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Project on Trigonometry