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The pages of this list will be numbered using lowercase roman numerals continued from the List of Tables. More Info Title Page This is the very first page of your manuscript, and it has very specific spacing and formatting requirements. More Info Endnotes Endnotes go at the end of a chapter and should be single-spaced. More Info Abstract Your abstract should be formatted similarly to your main body of text — double-spaced and either left-aligned or justified. Set a final indent to 6. This list is formatted similarly to the TOC. Set page spacing to single-spaced. Endnotes have to be numbered consistently and consecutively. This page includes your title, name, degree information, committee information, date of approval, keywords, and copyright. Students who are admitted after non-continuous enrollment must adhere to the policies at the time of their new admission and will be required to file a time-line for completion of degree and other documentation. The process is now complete! Page numbers have to go at the bottom of the page on the right side. This includes the semester during which the dissertation is defended, the semester in which final submission of the dissertation is made and the student certified for degree. Proposal and Final Defense session announcements for student in the College of Education are posted for the current term. These forms must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies together.

These Directed Research hours, upon written request by the Major Professor, may be applied to reduce the dissertation credit hour requirement. These forms must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies together. It can appear either as a major section at the end of the manuscript or as a subsection of individual chapters.

These Directed Research hours, upon written request by the Major Professor to the Graduate Support Office EDUmay be applied to reduce the total number of dissertation credit hours required. Students may not register for dissertation hours until the semester immediately following the semester of formal admission to candidacy by the USF Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.

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The pages of your TOC should be numbered using lowercase roman numerals. The written request should be sent during the semester in which the Directed Research hours will be taken.

Click on any section link in the menu to view formatting requirements for that specific section, along with examples and instructions on how to use and set up formatting functions in Microsoft Word. More Info References The style of your references section should match that of the main body and should follow a specific format e.

Once the admission to candidacy form has been filed by the COEDU, and while students are awaiting official notification of admission to candidacy, they may enroll in Directed Research hours xxx Students are advised to consult their major professors to determine in which section of the Directed Research course XXX they should register.

Click on the Tabs button at the bottom left of the window.

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